“Where did the time go?” That seems to be the most common expression shared between my better half and me. And only a few short years ago I would burn a half hour per week of my bachelor life trying to save 2 bucks on a tank full of gas at the local Costco! My […]

Why or How?

Two very different questions. A why response generally ends with a period. “Why not go outside in a tank top? Because it’s below freezing.” A how response allows for a bit more wiggle room beyond a ‘that’s just the way it is’ reply. Both serve a purpose. But in times of feeling stuck and anxious, […]

Write It Down!

I am a goal digger. And for quite sometime, I had my goals in my head. I thought about wanting more money, wanting to get an A in my course, wanting to drive that flashy car, and so forth. Goal setting is good. Great, in fact. However if the goals are set up here (emoji […]

Rise Above Your Excuses

Are there days you want to just hide behind your excuses: I have no time. I have kids. It’s raining! …and not show up to your life, to your full potential. Come out, come out wherever you are. Excuses will always be available–trust me. But don’t hold onto them for dear life. They can stop […]