Homemade Apple Pie in Two Minutes

After consuming half her apple, my daughter–two and a half years young–suddenly decided to make apple pie.

Nice! I requested that it be ready in 5 minutes since “Mommy’s hungry!”

“Alright,” she responded, and she was off to make our treat. One mustard and a bottle of flaxseed oil later, I was presented with the remaining half of her apple in a pan–“Apple pie, Mommy!”

In those 2 minutes, I learned the following:

When you are inspired to do something, do it. If that person keeps coming to mind, pick up the phone or send an email to let them know you’re thinking about them. Jot the idea down immediately and start planning to bring it to life! Follow through with your smile as you pass a stranger.

Anything is possible, including making homemade apple pie in 2 minutes. You need only to believe.

You make do (that is, MAKE. DO.) with what is available to you. So you just have mustard and flaxseed oil–awesome, you have all you need to get started. Focus on what you do have.

Imagination is everything. I saw a half eaten apple in a pan. My daughter saw apple pie–and so it was. Life is so much more fun when you allow yourself to think creatively and outside the box.

P.S. Her apple pie was ah.maze.ing.


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