Mirror, Mirror

When is the last time you stood before a mirror, looked into your eyes, and said: I AM ______________ Smart Talented Beautiful Strong Prosperous Highly Favored ….and believed it? Do you take the time to let who you are sink into your subconscious until mental images match your declarations? Engage with your inner giant and […]

Mind Stuff and Magic

I’m currently reading The Magic of Believing. Yet another book about the mind and its power. I jump into such books with a burning desire to learn the major secret of success. I don’t want to go on a treasure hunt for it. I want it in the table of contents, bold font, capitalized, and […]

A Beautiful Day, Everyday

When the sun is shining, Anoop and I comment, repeatedly, just how beautiful the day is. I love to close my eyes, take a deep breath, and feel the sunshine on my face. It’s not uncommon for our 2-year-young to say it’s a beautiful day when it’s just that–beautiful. Yet the other day, the weather […]

Thank You Shark Tank

I recently watched an episode on Shark Tank, a new favorite in our household. A husband and wife team proposed their invention, a functional sippy cup for infants and toddlers, in hopes of receiving additional funding from the sharks to grow their product. The sharks appear intimidating and overwhelm each ‘contestant’ with a number of […]

Self-Love is Your Superpower

It feels good to give to others. I think it’s safe to say that we are darn good in giving to others. Heck, we are experts. We know how to bring out a smile from others because we’re good storytellers, comics, counselors, and nurturers.  Loving others is not rocket science. It’s just natural. And we […]

Why Life Reminders?

Because we already know that Life is Short and Doers follow their Dreams. But with the mundaneness of life, sometimes we need a reminder. Where are we going? Why are we going? What is our purpose? Sometimes our thinking is rather uninspired and not really positive. Life throws curveballs and we may feel defeated and just off. […]