What is This Thing Called FEAR?

Oh, it’s a beast alright. And how it thrives on doubts and worries. It seems to never rest as it waits for that perfect moment of vulnerability to seep in and drag us and our enthusiasm down, rock bottom.

Yet it also allows for a powerful comeback. Because when we’re down, where else can we go but up! And so fear is an opportunity to win. It’s not a bad thing. It can be a great thing based on how we respond.

So do we stay seated? Nope. Are we sick and tired of playing scared, shortchanging our abilities, not giving the good fight, and not reaching our fullest potential? Yep. And is there no other choice but to feel the fear and keep marching forward? You better believe it. Fear can be the fire under our bottom. Now picture that.

So, really, this thing called ‘fear’ is just our preparation for victory. We got this.


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