Change of Plans

I recently celebrated my birthday. The original plan was to dine at a restaurant along our favorite boardwalk. I anxiously awaited the hours until our getting ready to have our family date night, which would be in celebration of my birth….long, long ago. (Hey, our presence is a gift. Let’s toot our horn some, yeah?) […]

Mind Stuff and Magic

I’m currently reading The Magic of Believing. Yet another book about the mind and its power. I jump into such books with a burning desire to learn the major secret of success. I don’t want to go on a treasure hunt for it. I want it in the table of contents, bold font, capitalized, and […]

A Beautiful Day, Everyday

When the sun is shining, Anoop and I comment, repeatedly, just how beautiful the day is. I love to close my eyes, take a deep breath, and feel the sunshine on my face. It’s not uncommon for our 2-year-young to say it’s a beautiful day when it’s just that–beautiful. Yet the other day, the weather […]