Just Faith It!

Everyday. All day. In every way. It’s easy to stumble and even easier to stay down. Having faith requires belief, action, and incredible strength. What appears before us may look bleak and discouraging. Couple this ‘real world’ with a waiting game that seems never-ending, and another “F” word may call our attention and expression–repeatedly. “F” […]

No Wrong Turns

And so we missed a turn, made a mistake, and ‘failed’ horribly. Friends, we’re still winning. The game is still going, and we’re still in it. There are no wrong turns. Each path is an alternative to our best life and the best version of ourselves. Trust. Every moment is an opportunity to say, “YES! […]


Recently, I’ve been doodling the word “surrender” on any scratch paper at hand. Some versions are printed. Some look like an autograph. Some are written with black ink. And some are in blue. I doodle the word to my heart’s content; sometimes I get lost in the surrender of doodling. I may choose to have […]